Manuel Escobar


Camila Blanco

Junior Manuel Escobar feels like he has learned a lot from his past.

Camila Blanco

Well, one of the biggest challenges I had to face when I came here to the US was extremely hard at first to get used to everything because it was all so new. The culture, people, language, food, etc. The hardest thing was not even learning the new language, it was how people treated me here in the states. When I came here, I was like the biggest problem here because a lot of people would ask me like, hey doesn’t it bother you that you barely know the language and you have been here for a while now and like I would get asked that and I would be uncomfortable. It was not even the people born here, but people who were other Hispanics like me. They were the ones who did not treat me the right way they would bully me because they learned English in like one or two months, and I of course did not. They got it faster because they were to understand it a bit more or were a little bit more fluent in it than me. It took me a few months to learn it, I’m pretty sure almost a full year or more.

Before I came here to the United States, I had to leave everyone I knew it was like leaving a part of me because I have spent half my life in Venezuela which is where I am from. Unfortunately, I had to overcome a situation before fully coming here it was the death of one of my close friends back at home in the beginning of the year. That was when I came here in 2017. So that was like five years ago when he died. It was something difficult to overcome because I really cared and still do care about this person even though he is not here with us anymore sadly. I consider myself a strong person or at least stronger than before because this experience made me stronger too in a way. But I got through it, and I stood up and kept going with my life cause even though this would hurt for a while or even forever. I still remember him very clearly too. I do not think I will ever forget this and him at all, but I grew as a person from this. I had to look at the positive things like coming here even if it were not the greatest in the beginning, I got another chance at having a better life here and getting better opportunities for my education if I put in the challenging work of course.

After I graduate from high school, I hope to have a good career, go to college, study something that I am Interested in and just live my life to the fullest the best I can. It could mean for example, having some fun sometimes and after work, being at home, being at my job and just living my peaceful life. I am still figuring out what exactly I want to do with my career or what I want to do. But so far, the career that I would like to start with is electrical engineering, especially because I am good with mathematics, and I feel like with numbers I have a great skill with. And I can concentrate, and I can do the things the best I can so yes, that is a desirable choice for me. I also hope that in the future I am still super close with my family and my friends I have a small group of small friends that are really close to me and me would not trade them for the world Its better to have a few close friends then just a lot of random people you know. Some day in the future we will all just sit down one day and have coffee and talk about all our dumb high school drama and remember the good times.