Love is in the air. Or is it?

Valentine’s Day comes around and students tend to have different thoughts on this holiday.


Brent Hofacker

Valentine’s Candy that is mostly shared among the students.

Yi Shao

Two people having different feelings about the holiday Valentine’s Day. (Yorielis Negron)

Valentine’s Day often includes gifts being passed around such as flowers, chocolates, and stuffed animals which can make others feel left out, because of this students’ thoughts may vary on this holiday. 

Students often intercept Valentine’s Day to be a time to show appreciation to their partners. This often leads to them going one step further with the gifts, having them think outside the box. However, because of this, some students tend to believe Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday like others. 

“My thought when Valentine’s Day is mentioned is how people get gifts like flowers and chocolates and sometimes, I see people going to the extreme by getting massive stuffed teddy bears,” Sophomore Nicolas Perez said. “This holiday overall I really like it and I feel as if it’s just like any other holiday because if we take Christmas for example, it’s a holiday where you share presents with your family and friends while on Valentine’s Day it’s a day where you share gifts with your lover.”

Many students have their own way of celebrating this holiday therefore having more students participate in this holiday. Because of the constant gift giving students might get overwhelmed however some do not get affected by this and treat this holiday as any other normal day. 

“I spent my Valentine’s celebration with my friends by giving out gifts to them and they did the same it was as if it was secret Santa but it not really,” Sophomore Lauren Jorda said. “Because of all the gift giving I can see how students can be overwhelmed by this holiday however it doesn’t affect my day in any way.”  

Students often can have difficulty finding a perfect day to appreciate their partner therefore, students take Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity to give gifts to their desired or loved person. Because Valentine’s Day plays an important role when it comes to students with relationships, therefore some would agree that this holiday is just like the others. 

“I think of Valentine’s Day as a time to just appreciate whoever you are with making them feel loved and appreciated as a partner,” Sophomore Alex Solis said. “because of this I feel like it is a holiday because if we take Christmas for example, it’s a day to appreciate your family, friends, etc. Basically, your loved ones however on this holiday it’s a day to specifically appreciate your boyfriend or girlfriend or th person that you like. I feel like if Valentine’s Day wasn’t a thing many people in relationships would have a hard time trying to find the right day to show who they like that they appreciate them.” 

Valentine’s Day is most known for couples celebrating it by handing out gifts. However, some students use it as a day to show their friends how much they care about them therefore this can lead to most people participating in this yearly holiday instead of feeling excluded and hating the holiday for what it is.  

“My immediate thought of Valentine’s Day is that it’s a day where I can show appreciation to my friends or loved ones,” Sophomore Shannon Bolanos said. “Valentine’s Day affects me because I can show how much I care about my friends. The way most people think about Valentine’s Day is a day where you can show appreciation to your loved one, but it can be also used as a day to show how much you care about your friends. I think many people hate this holiday just because you feel alone and excluded from everyone else but because you can show appreciation to your friends instead of a loved one everyone can participate.” 

Often Partners/Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day whether it’s by going out or spending quality time with each other. This isn’t always the case with everyone because it depends on the person and how they decide to spend their day. 

 Sophomore Godric Rivera detailed how his Valentines usually goes, “Often times I have nothing to do after school, same for Valentine’s Day, but it really depends on if I planned anything that day. I have a girlfriend and I think whenever you have a partner people expect you to do something on that day, but for me it was like any other day.”