Underwater Adventures with the Na’vi



Avatar the Way of Water official movie poster.

Laura Escovedo, Writer


New movie, Avatar the Way of Water, what are the teens thinking?

The first Avatar movie was released in 2009 and was a popular movie back then, however the new movie came out in December 2022 and has already taken a large group of people to the theaters.

“Avatar was a whole experience; the movie is really emotional and there is a very unexpected comeback, I watched the first movie when I was little, and it brought me a good comfort feeling in knowing that they were able to continue the storyline and give us the opportunity to see how the two realities meet, the past and the future,” Freshman Laura Dos Santos shared.

The Na’vi are very adventurous creatures that are constantly moving and exploring, mostly because of human threats they face during their lifetime.

“I really like the way the avatars fight and protect each other; they are proud of how and where they live and even with the technology humans hold, they will still not be afraid to face them, they fight for a purpose, and I think is an important thing to have especially when you are under attack and during a war, having a meaningful reason to be there makes all the difference,” Freshman Kamil Hernandez said.

Since the first Avatar movie was released a long time ago the public expected a continuation of the story where the timeline made sense in relation to the first movie.

“My favorite part of the movie was for sure seeing Jake and Neytiri’s kids growing up I had always wondered if they had children and they do and they are simply adorable, and also this movie is very unique because of how gorgeous and breathtaking their world is and seeing how much they differ from the forest Na’vi,” Freshman Dylin Crain said.

A specific part of the movie seems to bring an emotional reaction to most people that have watched this new Avatar movie.

“I loved the ending but the only thing I would change would be Neteyam’s death, it was so heartbreaking and his funeral at the end was even more tear jerking, but overall, the main lesson of the movie is that the environment you call home is worth fighting for, ” Crain said.

Some people find the storyline what most attracts their attention but, in this case, the gorgeous views and vibrant colors appear to have caught the audience eye the most.

“I believe one of the best parts of this movie is the graphics and the images, it is an amazing way to catch the audience’s eye especially because a lot of people would want to live in a place like that where your surrounded by nature and colors, I noticed a  huge difference between the first movie and this new one when it comes to the scenery, its way more beautiful and detailed and it’s one (of) the reasons why the movie was so impacting to me,”  Dos Santos shared.

As always in movies the public seems to search for a character they can relate to and share opinions, feelings, lifestyles and in Avatar it was no different.

“I think the character I have the most common with is Kiri due to her feeling connected with nature around her. I’ve always loved nature as well so it’s fun to see her connected to its as well,” Crain said.

Some students have also shared similar feelings of sympathy with other characters in the movie.

“I related the most to Neteyam, mostly because we are both the eldest sibling and face similar experiences in a daily basis with our little siblings, for example I always have to bail my little sister out of trouble and take the blame for her, the same way Neteyam does it for Lo`ak, and seeing him seeing that reminds me of me and my little sister, ” Dos Santos said.