Florida State Thespians Competition

How Troupe 10008 Feels Heading Into State Competition.

Jesse Baar, Writer

Four months ago, Theatre Director Mrs. Lindstrom lead Troupe 10008 to compete in the district festival for a chance to reserve a seat at state competitions in March. The Troupe walked out of the competition with 17 medals. Of the 12 actors that competed, 8 will be heading off to Tampa on March 17th to compete at states. Mrs. Lindstrom looks upon the festival with hope.

“I feel pretty good; I think it’s going to be a very good experience for the Troupe, being it’s their first-time attending state festival. The exciting thing for me is how the Troupe will come back and be excited for next years festival. We have some really good pieces with potential, everything we are taking scored a superior or excellent at district festival; we just need to polish up a few things and I think we’ll be good competitors. I also think that it’s going to be a really great bonding experience for us. When you go to state competition, in the past, there’s a lot of pressure, tensions are high because we have so many acts going through, like with middle school. With high school, we are only allowed to bring 6 pieces. I’m really excited to be able to go and have everyone showcase their pieces and be able to see other schools’ pieces and workshops.” Theatre director Mrs. Lindstrom said.

One such piece going to states is ‘Born with Teeth’. A duet acting piece being performed by Andres Torres and Mykael Wilks. The two actors both share equal confidence ahead of their performance.

“I feel pretty confident in our talent, most of us at least. It’s going to be a joyous occasion to say the least. It’s pretty hard to tell since it’s still a bit away. I have great confidence in our Troupe, I think it’s going to go well. I think, personally, that I have a real show-stopping number; me and Mr. Wilks. I really think the judges are going to appreciate it. I just want to put to the record that we’re the best, Troupe 10008.” Freshman Andres Torres said.

“I’m confident in winning. I feel like its going to be no different feeling from districts. I feel like for the others, they may be a little bit shaken, but I’m confident they’ll do well.” Freshman Mykael Wilks said.

Another piece that’s going is August Osage County. Obtaining an excellent rating at districts, the actors partaking in the role shared their feelings as well.

“I feel ok right now, but I’ll definitely be nervous closer to when we leave. I am very confident in my part of the piece I’m bringing. We all practice as often as we can; every time we do it sounds and looks great, so I think we’re going to be fine.” Sophomore Lorianna Thompson said.

“I’m very nervous but excited at the same time to see how much we improved on our acts. I think my two pieces are very powerful; like August Osage County, the sister scene is very powerful.” Freshman Nevaeh Jackson said.


Jesse Baar

If you’re a fan of Theatre in any kind, the Florida state Thespians festival will be a great way to immerse yourself in the world of growing talent in the world of Theatre. Troupe 10008 will be among the many great talents from the state of Florida.