The Next Level

The change from Middle School to High School.


Senior Arianna De Jesus walking through the doors up to the high school hallways.

Aniyah Martin, Writer

Completing middle school and moving onto the next level in the game of life to High school is the next step for upcoming students.   

A significant difference between high school and middle school is the changes in social life. In middle school things may have been more fun and exciting although in high school the way you express yourself to others and socialize changes. As put by Freshman Camille Vargas, “Since high school started, I am more serious about things. Of course, I have my moments where I am having fun, but I think now is the time to start taking things more seriously since the next step is adulthood.  

Taking a more calm and mature approach in high school rather than a loud and energetic one from middle school could make a difference with the way people interact with you. 

“There are many negative aspects when it comes to the social part of high school. For example, there’s always separation when it comes to social groups. There are people can be seen as ‘popular’ and there’s kids who just want to get through high school and get through life overall,” Senior Arianna De Jesus said.  

  When it comes to high school some students believe that some may find their popularity more important while others simply just do not pay attention.   

Another change between middle school and high school worth noting is the increase in pressure high school students endure.  

“I feel like since we are in high school, and we are so close to being in college I feel like there’s more pressure and workload. In middle school, you had to learn things like math, science and make an experiment. Here everything counts even the slightest mistake, even a C can bring your GPA (Grade Point Average) down. In middle school you do not have to worry about your GPA. There’s just a lot of pressure now,” De Jesus said.  

The pressure is heightened in high school due to the constant tests and excessive workload given to students. Students must worry about their future, making work an important aspect of their life. Despite the more negative parts there are many things to look forward to. Middle school does not provide the same opportunities that high school does.  

“Unlike middle school, high school offers advanced classes that will help build a structure and foundation for me. Those skills will also in turn help me with other classes in terms of comprehending texts better, writing better, and learning more efficiently,” Freshman Ariela Villalona said.  

Numerous opportunities are given to high school students that could positively affect them. Advanced classes are offered to help them learn skills for the future as well as classes they choose to take later.  

“One good thing about the transfer from middle school to high school is the academic opportunities that it brings to us. Like we can accumulate college credits. So, I feel like that’s a plus because it puts us one step closer to our college goals, “Sophomore Godric Rivera said.

The change from middle school to high school should not be seen as something to be feared because it not only puts you closer to our dreams, but it is the necessary step to prepare us before our adulthood.  

“Well, middle school you just started experiencing your early tween years where basically you first get out of elementary school, and you start maturing. Things like knowing the difference between right or wrong and you are no longer a kid anymore. High school is when you grow up to be a teenager, you learn even more things that you have to take into your adulthood. Overall, you get an education that you can take on for the rest of your life even if you do not pursue college,” De Jesus said.