Hit and Run!

The baseball team hits off their season.

Baseball team discussing tactics before game.

Karina Castillo, Writer

Baseball season has finally arrived, and the Coyotes are hitting the pitch. Their season consists of nine games in total, four games away and five games home.  

“We are doing good, but we have two losses that we shouldn’t have lost, but things happen, and we can get up, I know,” Senior Hectiur Hernandez said.   

The Coyotes first game was away against Real Life Christian Academy. The Coyotes won 20-3, gaining their first victory, however, their second game did not go according to plan. The game against Haines City Hornets, resulted in a score of 0-17, which was their first loss.  

“We got hit; we are having some trouble hitting right now. Our guys are actually outside right now practicing hitting, so that’s one we need to work on,” Baseball Coach Joe Morgan said. 

The Coyotes play every team twice, apart from Celebration which was played on March 9th, at Plant City, which is home soil. Even though the team gave their best effort, it was not the result they were expecting, with the score being 0-18, a devastating loss for the team.  

“It’s very good chemistry, everybody gets along, everybody has their own inside jokes, everybody feels welcome,” Senior Kianellys M. Alejandro Diaz said. “I even feel welcome by being literally the only girl, and I feel very welcomed with them, so that’s good.”  

This year is the second year the baseball team played their season in the spring. Many memories were created between those two years, one defining moment for Hernandez was when he was able to play again due to an injury. 

“That’s when I came out stronger, and I knew Four Corners was going to make a baseball (team), and I said I was going to give all, and I’m doing it,” Senior Hernandez said. 

On April 6, is Senior Night the baseball team play Bayshore Christian. This will be the first time they faced each other on the season. The seniors celebrated during this game will be Carlos Pacheco, Hectiur Hernandez, Edgar Hernandez, and Kianellys Alejandro Diaz. 

“The hardest thing about playing baseball, is that baseball is all mentality. For me, I’m a pitcher, if I get somebody on base sometimes, I get my head locked, I get loose, and I can’t strikeout no one. Because in my head I have ‘oh he can’t score or something like that’, but it is all mental in baseball,” Senior Hernandez said.  

 There are specific skills needed to become a good coach, for example, leadership and motivation skills, teaching abilities, and being able to keep emotions under control.  

“The hardest thing is probably trying to keep your frustrations under wrap, I mean once you get out there you get passionate and you get frustrated pretty quick, so you need trying keep that calm and make sure the boys don’t see your frustration,” Coach Morgan said. 

Being a coach is a very demanding job to do, especially when you have to create the team from scratch, but that did not stop Coach Morgan. 

“Biggest achievement would be getting hired as a high school coach, it’s an honor especially bringing baseball to Four Corners Upper. We never had a baseball team so being the first in school is probably my biggest achievement,” Coach Morgan said. 

Senior Hectiur Hernandez throwing the first pitch of the nigh (Karina Castilllo)
Freshman Cameron Morgan stepping up to bat against Bayshore Christian. (Karina Castillo)
Freshman Yahir Saldago stealing third base. (Karina Castillo)