Was It Really Worth It?

What makes students regret taking a certain class and how they can prevent taking classes they will regret later on.


Woman stressing over work.

Aniyah Martin

A handful of students may have experienced at least one class that they end up regretting, but everyone’s reasons are different. Luckily, there are ways to prevent taking classes that you might regret or deem as unnecessary later on.

Students might have expectations set in place when choosing classes and before taking a certain class but the reality they are met with could be the exact opposite. This reality could lead to them questioning if picking that class was the right decision.

An anonymous Freshman stated, “I expected humanities to be mostly discussions based but it ended up being a lot of writing and reading. I wish someone warned me or I had picked something else.”

Most students choose electives that they believe they will find interesting and fun. In the end it is still a class that depends on a lot of discipline and work. Electives like acting or band require students to practice consistently or else they could fall behind. Therefore, it is important for students to choose classes on their level that they will not leave questioning if that class was worth the struggle.

“I wasn’t very smart when I was choosing my classes because I chose band. It takes a lot of time out of my day to practice my instrument so I’m always getting yelled at for not learning how to play my part right, “Sophomore Jazmine Martinez said.

The reason as to why students regret taking a class may not always be work related.
Depending on a student’s social life, it might impact how lonely they feel because they may not have friends in that class.

“It gets lonely some days just sitting there by myself in a couple of my classes. It’s the worst part of the school day for me, “Freshman Jenna Doiley.

In some cases, taking a class that someone might not enjoy at all for that matter could cause serious anxiety. “The struggle is real when I’m in a class that’s already a lot of work, so my anxiety is through the roof, “Junior Sacadi Powell said.

It is important to put a lot of thought when choosing your schedule. Otherwise, you could be left with classes that you feel dissatisfied with.

“If I had to give the best advice it would definitely be to sit down and choose wisely with your school schedule or else you going to end up struggling and crying, “Powell mentioned.

How can we try and prevent this from happening?

  • “Talk to someone who previously took that class and ask them for advice,” Freshman Jenna Doiley shared.
  • “Ask Mr. Winters or whoever is the dean of curriculums at your school,”Mr. Richman said.
  • “Do research on the class and what it covers, “Sophomore Godric Rivera stated.
  • “Choose classes that are for your grade and on your level of learning,” Freshman Rashika Alam mentioned.