8th Grade Luau

The teachers that set up the luau hung up the banner that says “8th Grade Luau”

Kara Cohen, Writer

At the end of the year, the 8th graders enjoyed a luau party where they celebrated their last year of middle school along with their friends. 

The 8th graders had many activities going on during the luau. There was a lot for them to choose to do with their friends and fellow classmates.   

“The activities they had going on in the backfield beside the bounce house slide were a bunch of different sports like basketball, volleyball, football, and soccer,” 8th grader Jadalyn Colon said. 

The 8th graders had a few different activities going on that were not sport related going on away from the back turf. 

“We could draw with the chalk on the ground, they had a make your own slime as an activity, and you could buy a shirt for $10 and tie dye it,” 8th grader Allison Van Derdys Torres said.  

During the luau there was also a donut eating competition and other special activities to participate in throughout the day.  

“The donut competition was so funny watching my classmates eat the donuts without their hands,” 8th grader Natalie Jackson said. 

Towards the end of the luau there was a limbo game that the majority of the students participated in and most say that they very much enjoyed the game. 

“The limbo thing they did was really fun. Everyone was just having fun and in the moment which made the game even better,” Torres said. 

Other games at the luau beside the limbo was the tug-of-war game. The game started as girls vs. boys but ended up as a girls vs. girls game. 

“I participated in the 8th grade tug a war. I loved it. They first did boys vs girls, but we were totally outnumbered so then we did girls vs girls and my side won. It was very interesting to see the boys because they were so competitive that they were treating it like it was the NBA,” 8th grader Shawn’Nira Wilcox. 

Another activity that was available for the 8th graders to remember the event was by taking photos.  

“There were a few people walking around with a poster board frame to take photos with which was really fun, “said Van Derdys Torres.  

At lunch time everyone got excited to eat. For the main course there was food from Publix and Texas Roadhouse. Extra add-ons to eat were different assortment of chips and a lot of choices for dessert.  

“For food there was a lot of options and varieties to choose from,” said Colon. 

Many of the eighth graders had all their expectations meet about the luau and enjoyed their experience.  

“The luau was everything I expected it to be. They had so many fun activities and it was so much fun to just hang around with my friends,” said Jackson.  

For a lot of the students the luau is what they expected but for a few people they wanted more than what was there.  

“I enjoyed the luau a lot. But I expected there to be some more stuff to do like something to deal with water and along those lines,” 8th grader Destinee Fay said. 

Many, including Jackson walked away with a lot of different memories they made throughout the day with their friends and peers. 

“My favorite memory was just hanging out with my friends and doing a bunch of different activities with them. I think it was just a fun day where I made lots of different memories,” Jackson said.