Sebastian Martinez


Sebastian Martinez during a soccer match.

Vinicius Evangelista, Writer

During all my life I’ve never had anything impact me in a negative way, but I did have something impacting me through all my life in a very positive way. That was my mom’s hard work every single day, she was always there for me and always showed me that if I wanted something, I’d have to work hard to get it. Not that long ago, I had a very important injury where I fractured my pelvis and also teared a muscle, after this I was very sad that I could not play soccer for four months. This made me spiral into a depressive state. Even though I was very sad, after I recovered, I started working hard every single day. It was really hard to go back to my old form and to start playing well again.  But after many weeks of hard training, I was capable of playing for my school varsity soccer team. It was a dream of mine since I was little, representing my school with what I’m best at: playing soccer.”

Despite suffering a traumatic injury, Martinez recovered fully and fulfilled his childhood dream of playing varsity soccer. (Denilson Aguirre)