Senior Spotlight – Aylea Treston


Aylea Treston

Senior Aylea Treston gets ready in her vanity.

Laura Escovedo, Writer

After high school I want to take a break semester and then look into tattoo printing, to eventually get my license to be a tattoo artist globally. The only reason I ever thought about giving up was because I thought it would be too difficult but after I realized that it shouldn’t be a step back because anything I choose is going to be difficult and new. Ever since I was little, I really loved to draw on myself even though I would get yelled at quite often and I realized no other career has really piqued my interest besides tattooing. I hadn’t started frequently drawing until I started dating an artist who encourages me to at least try even though I objectively suck at it, and they also reminded me that not all tattoo artists start out as artist on paper they usually learn their styles through tattooing. My biggest goal in life is to worry about how happy I am and to focus on myself and to prioritize my emotions so I can live a genuinely fulfilling life instead of one just living for money or popularity and my biggest fear is that I will somehow ruin my own life through the decisions I make and I won’t reach my goal of continuing to be happy. In the future I see myself hopefully out of the United States and pursuing my career as a tattoo artist and living somewhere with free health care, being an experienced tattoo artist who takes classes to learn more skills and hobbies with my girlfriend.