Senior Spotlight – Manny Nolasco

Camila Blanco, Writer

My favorite memory from Grad Bash must be when we went on all those rides and stayed up late specially in this one roller coaster called Rip Ride Rockit it was so funny, me and my friends where all laughing and screaming so hard, we barely had any voice left at the end. The thing I would change that I did is to come to school in crocs because my feet would start to hurt, instead of just wearing shoes like normal, it is definitely not my best idea. After high school I want to see if I can join the air force so I can gain my IT Cyber Security Certificates through there. I have not really thought about going to college after doing my IT Certificates, but I wanted to try going to a full sail university for game design.  I do not really regret anything I did during high school because in a way it shaped me into how I am today, and I would do it all over again if I had a choice to. My biggest struggle has been my procrastination and my laziness. They have both affected me in school and at home, I could be doing more at home and not putting off my schoolwork by getting it done on time. The most challenging tasks for me as a senior are keeping up with all my classes and not just staying home all day. It can be very easy to do that and start to procrastinate like I said before, then you start getting behind on your schoolwork. Some advice for upcoming Freshman is that do not wait until the last minute to do your work, be on top of it and it will be easy. Another piece of advice I would give is to enjoy everything, even the little things about school, even if it is bad because these 4 years fly by some people. One thing I will always remember senior picnic it was so fun, me and my friends had a really good time we laughed a lot and just spend time together overall I feel like it’s more important to me that we do these things because we are about to graduate  and we might never get these experiences again so it is best to make many memories as possible in my opinion. I’m also thankful for all the people I met here. They made an impact on me and my life, the same as all my close friends, they mean a lot to me.