Senior Spotlight – Karlyn Delgado Padro

JonnieAnn Phillips, Writer

So, I want to go study in UCF, and I want to study criminal justice in order to help families with closure that their children and family members been involved in. I will definitely miss the relationships I had with the teachers, faculty, friends and memories everybody honestly. I would tell them to honestly live in the moment this year goes by really fast and before you know it, you’re walking that stage getting your diploma and you just have to make relationships last make memories and build them and honestly live it with no regrets. My favorite memory from high school would definitely be walking into Mr. Childers’ office and complaining about the sweatpants policy and he’s not going to change it at all, but he really still hurt me about it. My favorite memory about this year would probably be going out grabbing food for teachers. I’m like their uber eats driver. Well, I changed my hair a lot but personally I feel like I have matured a lot and I have realized what steps I have to take in order to reach success and make choices to succeed to make where I got to now.