Senior Spotlight – Gabriel Morgan

Jesse Baar, Writer

“I don’t really consider myself to be popular per say but I know I can brighten people’s day. I can often flair up, and I can get really angry and kind of explode. As a kid in the theatre department, I often tend to project. I can be pretty loud which can help out. See, as a kid in the theatre department, it can get kind of challenging at times; especially when we get up to the week before the show is on. As for the tech/rehearsals, those can get really hectic, kind of messy; but as long as you can pull everything together, you’re going to have a great show in the end. But, alas, running in the theatre business for 5 years with this school, you do sort of gain experience as you grow older; and I guess this is especially prominent for me considering my experience from High School Musical Jr – back in 2019 – all the way up to, most recently, Fame back in Spring of 2022. It’s been a journey, to say the least. I’d have to say my favorite memory of being a senior was the talent show. That and Thespians, Thespians was a very fun ride; no worse than excellent ratings throughout every performance I did, it was a near flawless season. But the talent show was also really special because this was the only year that I would be able to do the talent show. My reason behind the song that I decided to use was because I wanted to try and go bold, bit of a risky choice considering Brendon Urie’s pretty high notes. Considering what’s my, essentially two voices, it can be kind of easy; but still, when it comes to someone like Brendon Urie it’s going to be hard to be pitch perfect. I still, somehow, did enough to win, which what I was very excited about. Another big moment, that same month, my nomination for homecoming king. I may not have won but, let’s face it, that’s what prom is for. We’re gunning for prom king this year, now it’s time to win. Looking ahead to the next few years, after I graduate, to go into the movies district as an actor; maybe even a director, I got some pretty interesting ideas formulating up here. If not, I’d also like to see myself going into Broadway or even TV work. I feel like I am pristine as an actor. I honestly think if I can hone these a bit more, I could potentially be up on that big screen within the next few years or so.  Only time will tell, and trust me, when you really think about it, high school really isn’t as bad as you think.”