Limitations of a Small School

The pros and cons of going to a smaller school


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Students have mixed opinions on going to a smaller school.

Aniyah Martin, Writer

There is no denying Four Corners is a small school compared to other schools in Florida. Unbeknownst to some, the size of their school could have a significant impact on them. 

One downside that a handful of students often discuss is the structure of the building. Middle school students have the bottom floor of the building and a few classes upstairs. High school students have the top floor apart from a few classes downstairs. Four Corners campus structure is different when compared to schools like Davenport and Poinciana high school.  

“Compared to my old school that was big and had an outside area Four Corners is tiny. I think I would enjoy school a lot more if the school were bigger and had more to offer. I think high schoolers should get more than just a top floor of a building,” shared Freshman Stacy Carriles.  

While some students will see this as a negative, some feel this is something the student body should favor. In fact, it could be something that could be helpful to those who attend the school.  

“I know a lot of students hate the size of the school, but I actually like it. It’s easier for me to get to class during switching because our small school. Also, my old school was only a hallway, so this school is huge in my opinion,” said Sophomore Jenna Doiley.  

Sports and outdoor activities are also affected by the size of a school. There are a limited number of options for sports offered to students. For students who enjoy participating in many sports during the school year this may make students feel restricted for having fewer options. 

“When it comes to sports Four Corners lacks a lot. DHS has multiple seasons for sports, and they always do so well because they have all the equipment and things they need. When I did track, we only had 3 track meets and we didn’t do so well because we didn’t even have a track field,” Freshman Bianca Beauplan said.  

Once again different opinions are expressed amongst students when it comes to these limitations. Not having a bigger selection for sports can be seen as a good thing for student athletes.  

An anonymous Sophomore stated, “I prefer the shorter seasons because after one is done, I have time to rest and train for the next one. If we had more sports, I’d probably overwhelmed with trying to do all of them.”  

Class selections play a key role in a student’s academic success. According to a 2019 report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the top factors for admissions are overall GPA (Grade Point Average) and advanced placement or other college-prep classes While Four Corners does offer Cambridge AICE classes, yet no AP classes apart from AP Spanish for the 2022 to 2023, the lack of these classes may come to a disappointment to some students.  

“Kids who go to other schools probably have a better chance with colleges than us because they offer all kinds of advanced classes and other things to help their students. I wish we had what they had or even just a few more classes that would look good to colleges,” Junior Sacadi Powell shared.  

Overall, Four Corners does have its flaws that could potentially be seen as a positive to some students. However, In the end Four Corners still has its pros and cons according to some students.  

“The bottom line is that our school lacks a lot but it’s not a bad school and some of these ‘limitations’ aren’t as bad as they seem, but I do think there could be a lot of ways to improve his school,” Sophomore Godric Rivera said.