What would you like to see in the next school year?

Students share what clubs, activities, and improvements they would like to see in the next school year


Jernej Furman

Mr. Olivero’s suggestion to provide students with free lunch next year.

Genesis Rivera , Writer

The school year is almost over! Students are looking forward to new activities and improvements once they go back to school after their summer break.

“Actually, this year, I don’t think anything fun was made for the freshmen and sophomores. I want to see them actually consider they’re feeling on having a break and let them go on field trips too,” Sophomore Lydia Rivera said.

Rivera finds breaks and field trips important for all students of all grades. She also suggests spicing up spirit week with new themes and events.

“I really want to see some better stuff for spirit week. I see every other school have some amazing ideas for their spirit week. To be honest, I really hope they do a gender swap next year. It looks like so much fun!” Rivera said.

Other students have improvements that they would like to see in the next school year. These improvements include transitions and bathroom rules.

“I would like to see an easier bathroom transition. For example, since we can’t go to the bathroom while transitioning, we should be able to in the first ten minutes. Especially if it’s girls on their periods. The 10/10 rule can apply for the last ten, but the wait is just too long,” Sophomore Loriana Thompson said.

Thompson would also like to see more pep rallies and more jean days. She agrees that there should be more fun events for the students and to help the school financially.

“I would also like for the school to have more pep rally or something school spirit related. We usually only have a few pep rallies and some jean days. Making more of them throughout the year would help with money problems and it would make coming to school more fun,” Thompson said.

Teachers also have an opinion on what they want to see next year. History teacher Mr. Olivero shares his opinion on the Multicultural club and what improvements should be made.

“In the next school year, I would like to see more activities that involve teacher and student interactions. We have the Multicultural club, but it gathers us all together to speak Spanish so I would say that we could make that club a little bit better by if we would be able to interact with people from different countries that do not only speak Spanish,” Olivero said.

Another improvement that Olivero would like to see next year is free lunch. He explains how he sees students skip their lunch because they cannot afford it.

“A topic that students have spoken to me before is that we should be able to have free lunch for students. Many students go through the day without eating because they can’t afford lunch. That would be an improvement that could be done in the benefit of the students,” Olivero concluded.