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The Girl’s Soccer Season Has Begun!
The girls soccer team comes together to capture a memory.
The girls soccer team comes together to capture a memory.
Daniely Gonzalez

The girls’ soccer team explains their ways to improve as a team to have a great season.

Although the girls’ soccer team lost their first game, they are ready to bring back the next game with a win.

“Our first game wasn’t good. There was a lot of miscommunications. We did not really have any chemistry. Everyone was more stressed than focused on the game and that caused a lot of problems. But we plan to improve our communication between the passes and be more aware of the other team not making a goal,” said senior Nahomi Reyes.

 It is an important attribute for any team to build a relationship so they can function well and as the school year progresses the girls’ soccer team grows closer together and learns how to thrive as one together.

Liana Camarena throws the ball back in the game. (Daniely Gonzalez)

“We have a good bond; we have a family sister bond. We are always laughing and talking with each other. This bond is going to help us better on the field because it will help us get not as mad with each other and helps us pick our self-backup,” said junior Iliana Camarena.

 Camarena also discusses how this experience can benefit the team. Showing the new team members that they do not always win, and it is okay as long as they learn from their mistakes and move forward.

“We lost our first game but it’s okay because it showed the new girls what it is like to lose and that we are not always going to win. It showed us what we need to do better on at our next game,” explained Camarena.

 Even though the season has just started the players believe they can turn the season around. They believe it is possible with effort, teamwork, and  team bonding exercises.

“We will get better; it was our first game so must of us had first game jitters like I had last year. But we will get better and begin to get more wins,” stated Sophomore Ronsaifia Beauplan.

 New players such as junior Josyln Quevedo  plans to continue playing soccer in college. Most plan to see how far they can grow in the sport and see if they can possibly become pro athletes.

 “It would be nice to play soccer in college because I also play softball so that would allow me to do either sport if I do make it,” concluded Quevedo

Nicole Paz Quintana kicks the ball. (Daniely Gonzalez)


Each team member has their own unique way of preparing for a game which allows them to perform to their best ability on game day.

“To prepare for a game I usually eat a lot before the game starts, we also do warmups to get used to the balls. As well as a few passes because if you just get thrown in the game without practicing with the ball it will just be a mess,” explained sophomore Jessica Aguilar.

 Having an inspiration to continue anything like soccer can be a great motivation to keep pushing forward. Much like how many of the players on the team have external influences that keep them going.

“My inspiration to continue soccer would be Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Sergio Ramos because they all individually inspire in a certain way like Sergio Ramos aggressiveness in the game, Lionel Messi passion to pursue to play the sport, and Cristiano Ronaldo and I share some of the same experiences, likehow we have been benched, gone through a lot when it comes down to soccer, and crying and everything else,” said Camarena.

Sophomore Raghad Berdiji runs towards the ball. (Daniely Gonzalez)

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