Commemorating a Loss One Hit at a Time

FCUS Students Come Together to See a Memorable Game
Baseball player runs to the next base.
Baseball player runs to the next base.
Daniely Gonzalez

The FCUS baseball team has now played their first game of the spring season.

The baseball team did not win their first game, but do not want to see this as a start to a bad season but as a rough start to a great season.

“As an overall team we need to be more enthusiastic, try to be more energetic. It’s based on one player to base it off the whole team to help out. The game was also really important to start off the season, but we don’t want to remember the score we want to remember it as the start of the season. The outcome wasn’t important, but the actual game was important,” sophomore Cameron Morgan stated.

The first game also commemorated Sigfredl Solano, also known as Mr.Freddy, a janitor at the Four Corners Charter School that passed away in a car accident. Mr. Freddy was a huge Yankees fan and would always stop by and talk to the players as well as the coaches to give them advice before their next game.

“The first game honored Freddy. He would always talk to me about baseball. He would talk about how much he loved baseball. He would give me advice like don’t be mad when things don’t go your way because baseball is about failure and he would tell me you can’t win everything all the time,” freshman Cameron Haigh stated.

To commemorate Mr. Freddy the team had his initials on their helmets. They also renamed the practice field after him to show gratitude towards him.

 “This was the first game of the season, and we honored Freddy, a worker at the lower campus and his family was there, his wife also pitched the first ball of the season,” sophomore Jamil Garcia explained.

In addition, the event supported the Trey Mancini Foundation, a foundation that raises money for people who suffer from longterm illnesses. To honor this foundation the team also had the name of the foundation on the side of their helmets alongside Mr. Freddy’s initials as they played their first game.

Mr. Freddy wife shakes hands with the umpire after she was given the honor of pitching the first ball of the game. (Daniely Gonzalez)

“We are coordinated with the Trey Mancini Foundation it is basically to bring awareness to colon cancer because he [Trey Mancini]  was a major league player who had colon cancer, so his career was put on pause and thankfully he beat it and now he is back and healthy and now we just try to raise money to support it,” Morgan said.

  In addition, the game featured students from the lower campus who were given the opportunity to sit, talk, and ask questions to the players. After, they were then given the privilege to watch the game.

“The game was really beneficial to the community and to the kids at the lower school. They were able to help us. It was just a good experience for the little kids, especially the ones that want to be baseball players in the future,” Morgan said.

The team did not win the overall game but were still able to have fun and enjoy a good game.

“I would have a better attitude because I started getting mad when we started losing and I would also try harder but playing the game is always fun whether you win or lose to me, but it is better if you win,” sophomore Eduardo Rosario explained.

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