GRWM: Prom Edition

Senior prom queen Chelsea Garcia lifted in the air during a dance at prom.
Senior prom queen Chelsea Garcia lifted in the air during a dance at prom.
Kylie Fuller

Take a sneak peek at the difference in two high schoolers getting ready routines when it comes to prom night.

The first student junior Carlee Johnson chose to get ready with her two friends sophomore Ava Maffie and junior Hannah Murphy before the prom.

Step One: Buy the outfit

“I got the dress around two months in advance. I was going to return it, but I did not have time. A lot of people liked it though, a couple people said it fit me nicely, I just wish it were longer, but next year I am going to get a way different dress,” Johnson said. “I got sandals because we were not allowed to go bare foot and I knew that I wanted something comfortable, so I decided to wear sandals instead of heels and it actually went with the dress really well,” Johnson stated.

Price of outfit: Dress- $13.99 from Ross & Sandals- $17.99 from Ross

Step Two: Hair

“We started off with hair, my mom curled my hair fully and then I had front pieces tucked behind my ears so that it was flat in the front, and it had volume in the back. I was going to put my hair up, but I didn’t like it as much.”

Step Three: Help everyone pick out their makeup

“We helped Hannah pick out her makeup and then helped Ava pick out her makeup to see what they wanted to wear and what products they wanted to use.”

Step Three: TikTok Time

“In the midst of us getting ready we made TikTok’s and TikTok transitions for later on after we were fully ready.”

Step Four: Picture Time

“Then we put on our dresses. We went to Oasis after we were all dressed up and we took some pictures and videos. Then we were on our way to prom.”


The second student senior Chelsea Garcia took her time getting ready for the prom alone and then went to meet up with friends later.

Step One: Buy the outfit

“I thrifted the dress and I just borrowed the shoes from my mom.”

Step Two: A pedicure and a wax

“I got up and I painted my toes because they would be showing through my shoes. Right after that I waxed my legs.”

Step Three: Hair

“I showered so that my hair could rest. Then later I did my hair and my mom wanted it a specific way, so she helped me do by hair and she did a blowout.”

Step Four: Makeup

“I was trying to do my makeup and my mom wanted to come so she kind of took the wheel and did my makeup. My face card didn’t decline at prom though I will say that.”

Step Five: Hangout

“I was already ready by 12:00pm, it was really early. I ate, I almost took a nap, I definitely had some extra time.”

Step Six: Photos

Junior Carlee Johnson poses after arriving to prom. (Kylie Fuller)

“I was feeling myself in this look, I could see a prom queen in the mirror, so I took some photos and then I posted them on my Instagram. My friend she got a hotel so around 5:00pm we drove to the hotel, and we went to this balcony, and we took some pictures, individuals, group and duo shots and then we were on our way to prom.”

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