A Night Under the Stars

The Juniors and Class of 2024 Celebrated their Prom at Disney’s Epcot American Pavilion
Prom 2024 was held at Walt Disneys Worlds Epcot American pavilion.
Prom 2024 was held at Walt Disney’s World’s Epcot American pavilion.
Kylie Fuller

This year’s 2024 annual prom was held at Disney’s Epcot American pavilion open for the juniors and seniors to dance the night away in their most stylish formal attire.  

The attendees expressed excitement for this year’s prom, as it was the first to be held at Disney’s Epcot Pavillon, in contrast to previous prom locations at hotel venues.  

“I really enjoyed it, overall, I feel like it was worth the price and the food was good and the Dj was so fun,” junior Carlee Johnson said.  

 High schoolers from the school’s student council and adviser Shannon Muller created this year’s theme Night Under the stars. Together they were able to plan and decorate the event. 

 “I personally felt that it was a good theme, as it fit the place itself and it really fit the energy within this point of the year, too. A Night under the Stars really expressed the beauty of ending the year after all that’s been surpassed,” junior and student council member Claraliz Made said. 

For seniors, prom is a way to celebrate years of dedication and hard work. Prom allows the seniors to socialize and dance with their peers one last time without the stress of schoolwork and other school related responsibilities.  

“It’s important for seniors to have prom because it’s one night where we all can band together and have fun especially when most of us are moving out, with different paths ahead of us,” senior Jason Chappell said.  

A DJ was provided at the event, not only playing music, but also encouraging others to get on the dance floor and starting mini challenges that made the prom even more fun. One of these challenges was a boy versus girls’ competition to see who could sing the loudest.

Students singing and dancing on the dance floor. (Kylie Fuller)

“The Dj was very cool because he was interacting with the crowd a lot, making it fun for everyone. He was playing classic bangers like Disney songs and even little Uzi. It was funny watching the sing slash dance off,” junior Godric Rivera said.  

A selection of Italian food such as pasta, meatballs, and breadsticks were available at the venue for guests to serve themselves. As well as refreshments to drink after a night on the dance floor.  

“I just like food in general but the food at prom was bomb! From the start I was excited about the food, and I really liked the meatballs. Although, I wish they had more of a variety of foods but overall, I enjoyed it,” junior Yi Shao explained.  

Another big hit with prom-goers was the photo booth. A digital photographer took three photos each set, capturing the fun and memories being made at Epcot. Students were given the option to receive printed copies of their photos or have a digital version be sent to their phones. 

“The photo booth was tough, and the props were cool too. I took pictures with my friend Carlee, and it was funny posing together,” junior Yanelli Ortiz said.  

 Senior Chelsea Garcia expands on the eagerness and excitement she felt leading up to the event and eventually during. She explained how promotion material and advertisements were an immense help in getting her and her peer Brenard Destine where they wanted to be in their campaign for prom king and queen.  

“The whole prom experience was worth everything because I got to be myself during my campaign and have fun! Winning was only a plus to my prom experience. Campaigning took a lot of courage especially because I’ve never done it before. I’m so thankful I gained so much support from it,” Garcia said. 

Senior Chelsea Garcia and Bernard Destine celebrate winning prom king and queen. (Kylie Fuller)

In the end, prom proved to be an exciting night for the juniors and seniors to enjoy and look back on in the future.  

“I had so much fun with my friends and just enjoying the environment around us, talking, dancing, and taking pictures. Prom is definitely one of those days I’ll always look back on in the future as I know it’ll be one of the last times I’ll ever experience high school with my classmates who I’ve known years again,” senior Ken Alviola said.  


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