Jersey Day

Kicking Off Spirit Week

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Jersey Day

Gianna Stathakis, Writer

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Spirit week kicked off on Monday, October 8th, with jersey day. Students wearing sports jerseys could be seen around campus representing various teams.

For some students, wearing a jersey is one way to show where they come from or where they used to live.

“I wore an Irish jersey because that’s where I’m from,” 8th grade, Ciara Gallagher, stated.

Others used wearing jerseys as a way to represent the sports teams they’re on.

“Mine is my softball team that I played for last year because it was just really fun, it was the first team I was on ever” 7th grade, Julia Dinez, says.

A portion of the student body thought that jersey day was a strong way to begin spirit week.

“Overall it was a fun day and everyone had a chance to show what teams they support” 8th grade, Karlyn Delgado, says. “I think it was a great way to start spirit week.”