We Want You To Vote!


Breann Weachter

On October 19th, 2018, 12th grader Piero Gonzales, 11th graders Tiffany Valentin and Luisa Navarette looking at candidate Julianna Benz’ poster before the election, wondering if she would make a great 12th-grade president.

Breann Weachter, Writer

Students walk through the halls, looking at the array of posters made by candidates for the 2018 student council elections. Taking place on Friday, October 19th, campaign signs line the halls, promoting each student candidate.

The elections can be about assisting the school, finding new ideas that can help students and staff, and promoting ways to help students in their grade with problems.

“It’s important to me because I want to make a change in the school, and help the ninth grade, and get our voices out there as all of the ninth-grade students,” 9th grade candidate, Ketsy Rodriguez, stated.

Students running for office may find campaigning difficult. Knowing the best possible way to get your name out there, or finding a way to appeal to students, and gain their support can be tricky. Some students chose to only use posters others branched out to social media.

“I had to figure out what would appeal to the audience of my class members rather than what I enjoy” 10th-grade candidate, Gracey Davis, stated.

As important as it is for candidates to run for student council, it can be important for the students too. In office, they can create new policies that will affect the other student’s everyday lives.

“It’s important to run because more students are willing to listen if it’s a person within their age rather than teachers or people who are older,” 11th-grade, Luisa Navarette, stated.

Candidates had many reasons to why they wanted to run for office from getting their voice heard to wanting to be able to make a change. Whatever the case may be, they all have their reasons why they would like to run.

“I think that it will look really amazing to colleges because it will give me something to stand out about, but I’m also a really passionate person so I think I’ll be great and really be able to step up the senior class,” 12th grade candidate, Julianna Benz says.