Coyotes Victorious Over Tapestry in First Home Game Of The Season


Katelyn Linden

Middle school volleyball team huddled together for a pregame pep talk a few moments before the game against Tapestry begins.

Gianna Stathakis and Katelyn Linden

The middle school volleyball team stepped on the court determined and eager to win the first and last  home game of the season on November 13th. With the Coyotes ready to give it their all, the game against Tapestry began.

The Coyotes had a successful start to the game, when #19, Jasmine Christello, served the ball and scored. She did this two more times after, gaining 3 points for the team. Their streak was broken after Tapestry scored a point when the Coyotes made the mistake of letting the volleyball hit the floor after a communication error caused two players to both back off of the ball. However, they didn’t let one small mistake stop them, and the game went on. The Coyotes ended up winning the first set 25-11.

“We were all happy that we won the first game, but we knew we had to work just as hard the next game.” 8th grader Sydney Davis says. “The best part is working together and just having fun!”

As the second set began, the Coyotes scored immediately. The game progressed , and soon enough, the score become close between the two teams at 6-6. The Coyotes quickly recovered, and right before a time-out, the score bumped back up to 10-7 in their favor. After a later time out, the teams were later tied again at 21-21, and the they went back and forth all the way up to 25 points. This ended when Tapestry scored two more points and won the second set 27-25. It wasn’t over for the Coyotes though, as they used the close score as motivation to try even harder in the next set.

“Watching the other teams play, like if the other people, like the opponent team, if they can serve better, pass better, and bump better, whatever that is I wanna try 2 times as hard to make sure I’m better.” 7th grader Kyleigh Dettloff expresses.

Despite losing the previous set, the Coyotes came back right away in the third match, and were in the lead for almost the whole time. The score was 12-9 right before a time out, where Coach Thompson encouraged the team and told them what to improve on. As soon as the clock started again, the Coyotes continued scoring more and more points until 8th grader Alexaima Rivera scored the winning point, bringing the score to 15-9. With the scores from all three sets combined, the Coyotes had done it, they had won their first and last home game of the season.

“I mean, it was amazing, we were kind of disappointed that our only hard game was a home game, but luckily we did defeat the team in three games, and everyone did get to play so it was just amazing.” Coach Thompson states.