Talking Strategy

Basketball Coaches Describe Their Expectations For The Current Season


Coaches Jonathan Lonas and Jeremiah Brown.

Nicole VanGilder, Writer

The Coyotes basketball team is competing in the playoffs for the first time. With this, the coaches have big plans for the team this season.

“Our plans are to compete at a high level through hard work and dedication and become a winning program. We believe this season is going to go well. We are more athletic and have experienced players,” Coach, Jeremiah Brown, says.

Coming in fresh, the basketball team this year has more experience and a better strategy to play. Even the style of practices have been changed.

“We have changed the way we practice so it can be more “game like” so we can be effective during games,” Brown says.

The training culture for the basketball players has changed significantly from the previous years. Not only did the practices change, the team has changed itself.

“The dynamics of the team changed due to the fact that we’re putting more emphasis on being bigger, stronger, and faster by putting more time in the weight room. The guys are closer and in essence that translates on the court because the energy becomes that much stronger.” Coach Jonathan Lonas, says.

The basketball program has grown more and more as the years progress. Their first game didn’t go as planned as they had higher expectations for their performance.

“I’m really excited about this group especially defensively. We’re more athletic than we’ve been in the previous years which will be an upgrade to our defense. This is my 3rd year as the basketball coach here and each year the program has grown and is going in the direction we want it to go,” Lonas says.

Even though they had very high expectations, the team has faced some difficulties on holding those expectations.

“Even though we have a few minor injuries. I expected us to execute better and compete at a high level. Keep the energy high and give 100% effort. One game at a time,” Brown says.