Back To School During Covid-19

How students are handling going back to school and handling online learning.


"Electric thermometer, mask and antiseptic with school supplies" by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY 2.0 and

Students are going back to school with a few precautions. Meanwhile, students at home are trying a new way of schooling, but from home.

Nicole VanGilder, Advertisement Coordinator

With everyone not being able to go back to school, it is going to be difficult in the beginning for everyone to get back on track. The students that are going back to school, they must maintain a few rules throughout the school day.

“Online schooling would be better because for one it is safer; you will not get sick as easy. Honestly, in my opinion learning online is also easier because there is not as many distractions over a screen as there is in a classroom. The school year to be honest it is going to be remarkably interesting because it is a new experience a whole year online without friends. With the same classes and same hours, said freshman, Ashlie VanGilder.

Students will be told they need to keep their masks on all day, even during outdoor activities. Also, students will be getting their temperatures checked when they walk in the building, and the school encourages you to bring hand sanitizer with you every day and use it frequently. In the hall’s students are required to keep the distance of six feet apart, as well as in the classrooms and cafeteria. The only time anyone will be allowed to remove their masks is when they are eating or drinking, or possibly alone in a bathroom to take a breather.

“With taking precautions, it is better to be safe than sorry so I will always be keeping an extra mask or two in my bag along with an extra thing of hand sanitizer. If I see one of my friends, I kind of hate that whole elbow bump thing so I will just probably wave and keep my distance. Going back to school in person while I have gotten backlash for it, it is the best decision for myself. I personally not focus online, like the last quarter of the last school year was a little bit of a struggle for me because I just could not focus very well. Honestly, on most of the Zoom calls I was on last year, whenever I was not talking I had myself muted and just played animal crossing, whoops. I talked to my parents about what they thought I should do, and we talked about what would be best for me. Which was going back full time. So, I can be in an environment where I do not really have many distractions and can really focus on my schoolwork. I also like having that “schedule” in my life, where I am busy for 7-8 hours and do not have to fill those hours myself,” junior, Kayla Nazario.

With students being able to do distanced learning, in their opinion it is keeping themselves and their families safer. So, it is a relief to some knowing germs are not coming home with them while they are doing online learning. Not only do people have families at home, but some have elders that live with them. Possibly even people that do not have a stronger immune system like others may have, so they can get sick faster and maybe it being more severe.

“Online school is pretty fun. I get to stay home and learn while I have relief of knowing that I’m not putting my family in any harm. Corona is ruining our environment and most people are not even talking safety precautions for this pandemic going on. I would rather stay safe and secure and know what is around me when I am home,” said junior, Adam St. Louis.