Nicolas Bravo


Angee Kamel, Writer

“I’m 16 and I’m in 11th grade. I was born in Pennsylvania, and I moved to Florida when I was really young, so I had to start over. I had to get new friends and all that and I had to get, like, acclimated to living in Florida and going to a new school. But that’s hard for someone that young. I lived a pretty normal life. Thankfully, I’ve lived a pretty normal life.”


“I’ve been the quarterback for the last two years. Last year was my first year, this is my second year. There was two other quarterbacks that I had to beat to become the starting quarterback. And I’m proud with how I’ve developed and how I held the standard of being a starting quarterback. My football coach, Coach Jones, he gave us this good quote, “change your mindset change your life,” and I live off that. I had the game winning touchdown in the homecoming game. The young students and the young football players of the football team, they look up to me and they admire me. So, I have to maintain a perfect image for them. You know, I’m proud that I get to say that I’m the quarterback of Four Corners. My plan after high school is to become a gym teacher. Because I really like working out and I really like physical education. And I would love to come back to this school and become a gym teacher or work in physical therapy for college teams or professional sports teams. What keeps me going in life is my own personal view of success and keeping the people that I love close around me, I’m keeping them proud and that’s what keeps me going in life.”