Do Brazilians and Hispanics Have The Same Culture?

What makes these two cultures different or the same?


A great deal of people assume  that Brazilians and Hispanics have the same culture. There are many things that define these two countries.

“I think that because Brazil is the only country in South America that doesn’t speak Spanish and since it’s located like right in the middle of most of the Spanish speaking countries it’s like surrounded in a way that’s why I think people have this speculation,” Junior Gabriel

Further Brazil is on the same continent where most of the Hispanic countries are, but this does not mean they are all the same. Brazil has its differences just as every other country does. For example, in Brazil they speak Portuguese, which is a Romance language, same with Spanish, that is why they have remarkably similar words in their languages.

“When I hear someone speak Portuguese, I understand very little because I speak Spanish, but I feel like for people that do not speak or understand both languages it’s similar but in reality, it’s really not only a few words,” Junior David Solorzano Infante said.

tThose that speak only Spanish or only speak Portuguese may be able to understand a few words or phrases, but they may not understand enough to fully communicate.

“The music is also quite different too in Brazil and Spanish speaking countries. In Brazil there is a lot of funk type of music rather than in a Hispanic country its more reggaetón and salsa,” Freshman Isabela Mezzaroba said.

Furthermore, music is not the only thing that is different too there is also the food in Brazil. The food is quite different from that in Spanish speaking countries.  For example, in Brazil there is this traditional dish called feijoada. Their traditional dishes are especially important for both cultures its part of them.

“There is also food that is a big difference  in between them like in Venezuela there is this traditional food we eat around Christmas time it is called Hallacas and in Brazil they do not have that,” Solorzano said.

Taken by David Solorzano.

Like Solorzano said, the food from both cultures is a significant difference. He is from Venezuela, and there are Brazilian dishes he has never heard of it before. He even explained how in Venezuela there some are dished that Brazil will never have.

“Definitely the language plays a huge role in this because its two different languages but also have we the way we communicate it not alike, I feel like Hispanics are louder but in an effective way and with Brazilians they are quieter at least in my experience,” Junior Vinicius Lima said.

Moreover, communication is another difference because Hispanics may have

“I feel like one thing that is similar with both countries is that we are both big on where we come from and our roots, and our culture is a big part of who we are and our identities and I’m proud to say I’m Brazilian,” Vinicius said.

In fact, Brazilians and Hispanics are very similar in the since that they are both big on their roots and culture. They both are not afraid of showing where they came from and showing there culture. They will never forget where they came from and will always be proud of it.

“We are also noticeably big on family too we are super close with them, and we would do absolutely anything for them. We also share a lot with our families, and we are incredibly open with things. Same with sports we all play together, and just have fun and parties too, those are crazy,” Sophomore Lorenzo Goncalves said.