The Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media

Detrimental Posts May Have Life-Altering Effects


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Cianna Sulaiman, Writer

With the intention of asking someone to a Sadie Hawkins prom, a high school student in Nevada created ainsulting poster based on the unfortunate death of George Floyd and the images have been trending throughout social media Due to this being exposed to the world, that student will potentially have to face many complications when it comes to their future success.   

Based off this situation, students should learn that what they post online can have serious and lasting consequences on anyone’s future and their level of success. Today, much of our social, personal, academic, and professional lives are tied to online platforms where we interact with others who share similar views, goals, and outlooks. 

“Me and my friends have gotten caught up because of social media, there was a lot going around on Snapchat and things were being said about us and we took it to social media and the situation had escalated to the point where the school got involved and fortunately, we didn’t get into too much trouble.” Sophomore Alayshia Taylor said.  

Pictureor videos that are uploaded on any social media platform is permanent and no matter how many times you try and delete it , anyone can have a copy of that picture or video, simply just by taking a screenshot or screen recording. That image can be used to manipulate students and could put their future in jeopardy. It is best to behave as if everything posted can be viewed by the entire world. This can save anyone from future embarrassment or even unpleasantness. 

Literally everything stays on the internet; it’s never seriously deleted. Also, things can get leaked or exposed so that would obviously leave a bad reputation for that person’s future.” Sophomore Alayshia Taylor said.  

It is especially crucial to be cautious about this because it is so easy to just look someone up and find out a lot of information about them. No one is in favor of having negative images or videos attached to their name for the world to see.  

One of my friends got suspended for something they said on social media about a teacher, I think everyone should take everything they post online seriously, regardless if they are a student or not because you never know who is watching you Sophomore Julian Almodovar-Crespo said.  

Anything that is posted on the internet can lead to detrimental effects on your career. Students applying for special scholarships can undergo greater scrutiny, as schools want to ensure those receiving the scholarships are fully deserving; this reassurance can come in the form of online checking.  

“I think it’s important for kids to understand that colleges, even the really large colleges, are doing much more holistic admissions, that admissions go way beyond the data, social media can offer another look at a student. ” founder and co-owner of Score at the Top Learning Centers & Schools in Florida Judi Robinovitz says. 

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter offer a chance for young people to speak without adult supervision or intervention. This can lead to both positive and negative outcomes.  

“As teens document their lives and create their online social ecosystems, they are not simply sharing with a discreet group – they are broadcasting to a wide audience, sharing private details and, in the process, building their personal brands. Kids are posting the good, bad and the ugly. They’re being judged for it and left to deal with the consequences.” writer Chris Teare said.  

Teenagers’ better judgment can be overridden by their wish to be connected to their friends. They can ultimately become tone-deaf in certain situations and not think about how something they post online can affect certain people.  

I am actually guilty of feeling like I always need to know what’s going on so that’s when I go to social mediasince that’s what keeps everyone connected. But at the same time, I always see people post either inappropriate or just rude things about each other when that’s not what all of these apps were created for.” Sophomore Mya Dwyer said.  

When it comes to wanting to go to great schools or just having an overall bright future it is important to understand that the things students post online can come in the way of their goals, if they are not cautious. Instead of leaning towards posting negative things on social media, it is recommended that one should spread positivity so that it can hopefully create a domino effect and cause others to do the same thing. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media